City is organizing a “Stay at home enrichment series” on beginning every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm for 5 weeks starting from 5th May 2020 until 4th June 2020.

Chia Kenneth and Lyn Chan dress to impress
JCI City Stay at home enrichment series 5.0 by Chia Kenneth and Lyn Chan dress to impress

 Which colour suits us?
 How to match our clothing with shoes, bags and accessories?
 Which type of glasses match our face?


When the Circuit Breaker kicked in, Chia Kenneth and Lyn Chan realised that the seamstresses would suffer as they usually make money based on commission. With this realisation, they ceased all operations and started the non-profit starfishproject to provide the seamstresses a livelihood during this period.

Come join us tonight via Zoom. Please contact JCI City Singapore ( facebook page for the zoom information.


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