JCI Moyog Collaborates St John Ambulance to Organize Virtual Run


Junior Chamber International (JCI) Moyog members participated in KOCAD, SJAM’s Charity dinner in the end 2019, and was delighted to find that JCI & SJAM (St John Ambulance) shared the same value and objectives, i.e. to crest a sustainable positive impact for local community on education and health.
JCI Moyog then contacted KOCAD without delay and made plannings together for the Royal Beast Run 2020. JCI Moyog aims to contribute their earnings to the planning of ‘SEE 2020’, in which the project targets to provide about  100 spectacles for the less fortunate children, as well as to raise awareness regarding these children’s difficulties with amblyopia diagnosis, especially amongst the high-end society.
While KOCAD has committed to contribute any earnings from the virtual run to organizing future activities and funding such as First Aid Training and Medical Equipment Funding, respectively; They are also looking to purchase a completely well-equipped ambulance for the good of the society, given with enough funding.
19th June 2020, both parties have since agreed and consented to the memorandum of the event. The activity date for this individual virtual run has been set to be between 1st and 31st August, which covers a total distance of 21km. Anyone who has registered for this virtual run event will be entitled to a Medical Kit and a T-Shirt; However, those who fully participated the 21km virtual run will be given an extra reward of an E-Certificate. For more details, you may visit either party’s Facebook Page.