Lee Lam Thye: Promote vaccination, no need to make it mandatory


PETALING JAYA: Vaccinations should not be made mandatory and the government should instead embark on a massive Covid-19 vaccine promotion exercise to encourage vaccinations in the community, says Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

The Alliance for Safe Community chairman said the government needs to ensure that they can secure the supply of Covid-19 vaccines as promised and leave no stones unturned to promote and advocate vaccinations, especially through the dissemination of scientific facts and data to the community.

He said that the Alliance does not agree that vaccination should be mandatory as it is a question of human rights and the government cannot force vaccination upon people.

“What is the rationale for making vaccination compulsory? Already most people want to be vaccinated but the problem is the short supply of vaccines.

“The government should redouble its efforts to get vaccines rather than spend time and energy and resources on unproductive and wasteful proposals,” he said.

Lee said all ministries should work together to promote the benefits of vaccinations and get credible health experts, as well as those who have been vaccinated to come up with effective messaging to promote vaccination, including to rural areas.

“This is the time to spend all our time, our energies, and our resources to keep us all healthy and safe.

“The government should think of all ways to bring down the numbers. There isn’t anything else that is important now,” he said.

Lee said if the government fully concentrates on this task, there would not be a need to make vaccination compulsory or go after anti-vaccine groups.

He added that the private sector employers should encourage their workers to get vaccinated, in addition to getting non-governmental organisations to also promote vaccination.

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