Letters from relevant ministries, agencies accepted at roadblocks for essential service workers from Tuesday (June 8), says IGP


KUALA LUMPUR: Only letters from the relevant ministries and agencies are permitted at roadblocks for those in the essential services starting Tuesday (June 8), says Datuk Seri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani.

The Inspector-General of Police said the letters will be accepted as proof for workers to travel from their homes to their workplaces.

“The documents must be dated from June 1.

“Those who do not have such documents or using expired letters will be instructed to turn back,” he said in a statement on Sunday (June 6).

For those who are running their own businesses such as roadside traders, approval for movement must be obtained in a “one-off” manner for the period of June 1-June 14, he added.

“For those in the essential services sector but need to go to work for specific reasons such as documents and salary invoice preparations, a one-off approval by police will be given for the duration of two to three days and confirmation letters by the respective employers are needed as proof.

“For those in law firms with the capacity of 20% at the office, letters will be issued by the Prime Minister’s Department’s Legal Affairs Division through Miti CIMS 3.0.

“For legal practitioners who need to go to court to represent clients in new cases (remand under Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code), they must show printed documents or letters from their law firms at roadblocks,” he said.

The IGP reminded the public to present the documents or letters issued by the relevant ministries and agencies when going through roadblocks.

“We will take stern action against those who failed to provide the relevant letters or those who provide fake letters.

“We hope the public can play their part in flattening the curve of Covid-19 infections,” he added.

Acryl Sani urged those with information on Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP) violations, to contact the Malaysian Government Call Centre (MyGCC) at 03-8000 8000 or email them at [email protected] / [email protected].

Below are the list of relevant ministries and agencies for the respective essential services sectors.

1. International Trade and Industry Ministry (Miti) for manufacturing and services sectors.

2. Transport Ministry for public and basic needs transportations.

3. Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry for agriculture, fisheries, livestock as well as farming and commodity sectors.

– The ministry will only issue confirmation letters for small-scale farmers.

– For those who have licences under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), confirmation letters will be issued by Miti through CIMS 3.0.

4. Plantation Industries and Commodities Ministry for sectors producing commodities such as rubber and oil palm.

– For permit and license holders of Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) such as small-scale farmers, estates, nurseries and rubber traders, they can use approval letters from the ministry or MRB.

– For factories producing rubber-based products such as gloves, approval letters will be issued by Miti through CIMS 3.0.

5. Bank Negara Malaysia for the financial institutions and insurance sectors.

6. Securities Commission (SC) for stock shares trading sector.

7. Local authorities for small-scale traders/food stalls/ food trucks.

– For issuance of business licences for strata, waste and sanitisation management, letters will be issued by Miti through CIMS 3.0.

8. Communications and Multimedia Ministry for telecommunication, media, post, courier and broadcasting sectors.

9. For the Home Ministry, all letters issued by agencies under the ministry such as the Prisons Department, the National Registration Department and Immigration will be accepted.

10. Police will issue permits for movement for those who are permitted to travel interstate for death, emergencies and self-employment.

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