Log-ged out!


3,000 sago logs left to rot as transporter suspends operations due to MCO

MUKAH: About 3,000 sagos log with an estimated value of RM24,000 were left stranded in Tellian River here and may soon rot away.

The 30cm-long sago logs were supposed to be towed to a sago mill at upper Batang Mukah by an agent three days ago, but because of the movement control order (MCO), the towing could not be done.

A sago worker Kim Pengail, 45, said unless the agent could get a special permit for him to tow the sago logs to the mill, the logs will soon rot.

He said the agent dared not tow the sago logs upriver for fear of the authorities and had told sago workers to stop felling the palm trees for the time being.

“The agent said he was suspending purchase of sago logs until he knew for sure he could get the proper permit to allow him to operate along the river,” Kim told New Sarawak Tribune yesterday.

Kim, who is in the B40 group, added that the suspension due to MCO really affected him and other sago workers here as sago felling was their main source of income.

According to him, life is getting tougher now following the extension of the MCO as they could not earn a living.

Kim added that he had learnt that the two sago mills in Kampung Sau and Kampung Tabo in upper Batang Mukah were operating at half their capacity due to the MCO.