Making your balcony a cat haven


Enticing smells, attention-grabbing sounds, the warming rays of the solar: For cats, strolling over to the balcony is commonly rewarding.

Their house owners simply want to make sure that the world is secure, watching out for 3 risks particularly, says Sabine Ruthenfranz, creator of a cat podcast.

“For one thing, cats can fall off,” she says, including that folks typically underestimate this. Cats don’t at all times land on their ft, opposite to widespread perception – they’ll truly get damage, she says.

An extra hazard is toxic vegetation – you don’t need your cat to begin chewing on them. Lastly, be careful for an excessive amount of sizzling solar, as light-haired cats particularly can get sunburned.

The manner to make sure your cat is secure from falling is to put a internet round your balcony. Head to a specialist store should you’d like one which you could screw on, or repair with clamps, so that you don’t should do any drilling.

Make positive your internet is weather-resistant and the mesh width is round 3cm, says Ruthenfranz. Her recommendation is to get a black or darkish inexperienced one as they’re much less noticeable than nets which might be white or clear.

Secure the web round 2m above the balcony parapet. You solely want to shut the web on the high as effectively if your cat has a actually fierce need to climb.

If your balcony has bars, then examine how far aside they’re as you would possibly want some safety there, too. After all, “cats can squirm through even the smallest gaps”, says Ruthenfranz.

Watch your the cat carefully the primary time it walks on the balcony, she says. “Cats are the best safety inspectors and will find any loophole.”

Now let’s flip to vegetation – right here, it is dependent upon the place you’re primarily based. Many vegetation which might be widespread to Germany, for instance, are sadly toxic. But Ruthenfranz says in case you have a cat, you might be secure with horned violet (Viola cornuta) or catnip (Nepeta cataria).

However, even right here, the vegetation are normally sprayed if they arrive from conventional retailers, so make sure that your cat doesn’t begin nibbling on vegetation instantly after shopping for them, even when they’re not toxic, says Ruthenfranz. Put the pots out of attain for 3 weeks, to be on the secure facet.

Now for the solar and right here, it’s fairly straightforward to create an space with shade, even within the type of a backyard chair that your cat can shelter underneath if the solar is just too sturdy. “Cats need a lot of warmth, but they can also get sunstroke,” says Ruthenfranz.

Make positive your cat doesn’t spend an excessive amount of time within the sizzling solar, particularly if it’s very younger, older or has a pre-existing situation. Keep a shut eye on your kitty and simply transfer a chair or desk to make sure its head is within the shade, if it’s getting too sizzling.

Meanwhile different methods you may improve your balcony’s enchantment for your cat is to create a viewing space, although after all, be sure you get the peak proper.

And alongside any toys you set out, simply place a bowl of water there, too, with a diameter concerning the dimension of a fruit bowl or salad bowl and about 10cm deep, she says.

That lets your cat drink and fish for small toys floating within the water. Don’t put the meals bowl on the market, although, because the meals could spoil within the warmth or appeal to pests.

And, as anyplace else in your dwelling, keep away from leaving something mendacity round that might damage your cat if it will get too shut.

When evening falls, you would possibly let your cat benefit from the balcony, too, as they’ll take heed to a lot of enjoyable sounds says Ruthenfranz. Who is aware of, perhaps your cat will get fortunate and may also chase a few butterflies on the market too. – dpa/Christina Bachmann

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