Malaysia ranks second, above UK, in Covid-19 average vaccination rate


KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s average daily Covid-19 vaccination rate has been ranked second after Singapore among nine countries, according to Our World in Data.

Based on the data released, as of July 9, Singapore was ranked first with a daily average of 1.3 vaccinations for every 100 people, followed by Malaysia (0.96), Taiwan (0.65), the United Kingdom (0.38), Thailand (0.36), Indonesia (0.31), South Korea (0.2), the United States (0.18) and Vietnam (0.02), reported Sinar Harian.

The official data of Our World In Data is handled by Oxford Martin School, the University of Oxford and Global Change Data Lab.

It also revealed that Malaysia had been consistently at the second position above the United Kingdom since June 23.

Meanwhile, Our World in Data also showed that Malaysia also recorded the third highest average daily vaccination on July 9 with 309,694 doses, after Indonesia and the United States.

In terms of vaccination percentage, Malaysia ranks fifth out of the nine countries listed.

On July 10, a total of 324,745 doses of Covid-19 vaccines were dispensed across the country, the sixth day running with over 300,000 jabs administered.

Our World in Data uses datasets from the most recent official numbers from governments and health ministries worldwide.

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