Malaysian police: Use the motorcycle lanes or else


Motorcyclists using the Federal highway are reminded to use the motorcycle lanes provided or face punitive action. This applies to the section of the Federal highway from kilometre 16 to kilometre 34, heading towards Klang and on the opposite towards Kuala Lumpur.

Lamenting the fact that many motorcyclists still fail to use the lanes provided, ACP Mohamad Fakhruddin Adbul Hamid, Petaling district police chief, said failing to use the lanes is dangerous to both the riders and other road users. He also noted that many motorcyclists are using toll entries and exits as short cuts to avoid using the motorcycle lane bypass around the toll plaza.

Failure to use the motorcycle lane is an offence chargeable under Section 79 (2) of the Road Transport Act, 1987, said Fakhruddin. He added that 193 summons have been issued to motorcyclists breaking this rule and reminded motorcyclists to use the motorcycle lane at all times, failing which action would be taken.

Commenting on incidents at police road blocks set up during the Covid-19 Movement Control Order, Fakhruddin said four accidents were recorded on the Federal Highway. These accidents were the result of driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving and failure to pay attention to traffic, resulting in damage to police equipment at the road block.

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