Malaysians finding ways to cope during MCO 3.0


PETALING JAYA: Finding new hobbies and making optimum use of grocery trips are some of the ways Malaysians are spending their time during the latest movement control order (MCO).

Daniel Lee said he will be spending more time with his family by playing board games with them.

“We’ve purchased some board games online and we are trying them out as a bonding activity.

“It can feel monotonous having to stay at home yet again, but we are making the best of it by having some fun indoors, ” said the 32-year-old financial analyst.

Facebook user Wei Ching said she limits her grocery shopping, which is what she did during the first round of the movement control order.

“Now I shop twice a week during weekdays during off-peak hours.

“Still lots of people at the mall, but can’t do anything (about that).

“I just have to practise physical distancing and wash hands regularly, ” she said.

However, many said they are in a dilemma as their employers still require them to be in the office.

Facebook user Wendy Rodrigues said some companies are still instructing their staff members to be physically present at the workplace.

“What about employers that still insist on an almost full attendance of staff in the office?

“Some bosses think they cannot trust their staff to work from home.

“They fail to see that the more important priority is to reduce the number of people going out, ” she said.

Another social media user, Wu Jia Yuan, also highlighted the quandary that some employees are facing.

“What if the employer insists on your attendance in the office? You still need to travel to work, correct?

“After work, you still need to have dinner and travel to food stalls and queue up for takeaway, right?” she said.

With hospitals and quarantine centres close to full capacity and the country’s healthcare system under pressure, Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah had urged employers to let their staff work from home and restrict the numbers present in the office at any one time.

On Tuesday (May 18), he also suggested other preventive measures that the public could follow, such as not receiving guests at home and avoiding activities with a risk of big crowds.

“The people in Malaysia are the important frontliners of the moment, and it is hoped that everyone stays at home if there is no important issue outside.

“We have no other choice, we must look after ourselves, ” he said.

The country is under the third MCO, where movement is restricted and sectors such as sports/recreation, education and social are closed.

The economic sector, however, remains open.

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