Malaysians take to social media to cheer on, rally behind frontliners


PETALING JAYA: Photos of exhausted frontliners in a Facebook post by Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah of has drawn support for health workers from many Malaysians.

“Hang in there, frontliners! We are helping you by staying at home and getting vaccinated. We will be brave and bear the side effects in order to reach herd immunity,” said Farah Lee in a comment on The Star’s Facebook page.

Another user, Neela Saba, expressed support and added that it was upsetting that there are still Malaysians who lacked empathy despite seeing such moving photographs.

“It is very sad indeed. Even after seeing pictures like this, there are many who just couldn’t be bothered about feeling for those frontliners and doctors who are suffering so much,” Neela said.

Similarly Eroline Ooi expressed her support for frontliners.

“Unfortunately, the medical frontliners will be going through a tough time while we are in the comfort of our homes, not forgetting the police manning stations in the rain and sun. God bless them all,” she said in her comment.

Dr Noor Hisham’s post on Friday (May 28) comes after Malaysia recorded a surge in Covid-19 cases for the fourth day running with 8,290 new cases.

However, most Malaysians on social media were not in favour of Dr Noor Hisham’s tweet that double masking, or wearing a cloth mask on top of a medical-grade mask helps filter more particles than wearing a single cloth mask alone

One is @Flo flo LPt, who said it would be better if people “learn how to wear a (one) mask properly.”

“(We are) out of breath with one mask and will suffocate with two,” she said in a comment in response to a story on The Star’s Facebook page.

Similarly. Angie Low said that it was “just common sense” that it would be harder to breathe with two masks on.

Dr Noor Hisham had shared some information on double masking in a tweet on Friday night (May 28).

On Twitter, he shared infographics from the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about a study which concluded that double masking can substantially reduce a wearer’s exposure to Covid-19.

“Although it’s not mandatory, together with the face shield, it gives maximum protection,” said Dr Noor Hisham.

Another infographic he shared stated that an unknotted surgical mask was able to block 56.1% of particles, a cloth mask (51.4%), a knot and tucked surgical mask (77%) and double masking (85.4%).

According to the infographic, a surgical and a cloth mask should always be paired for double masking, and to avoid doubling up the same type of mask.

Another infographic stated that N95 masks do not need to be doubled up as it is the gold standard and it can create a proper seal on the face and filter 95% of particles.

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