‘Mat Kilau’ is the No.1 Malaysian film of all-time, earning RM53mil in 13 days


Mat Kilau has been showing for 13 days now, and it’s still going strong. Even on a weekday, the cinema is full. Thank you, thank you,” director Syamsul Yusof mentioned in an Instagram video.

According to Syamsul, the film has earned RM53mil in 13 days and is now the highest grossing Malaysian film of all-time.

“A Malaysian film can go far. It’s just extraordinary,” he added in the video.

Syamsul has been charting the film’s success through Instagram on day by day foundation – itemizing out the new information Mat Kilau: Kebangkitan Pahlawan has been setting because it opened at cinemas nationwide on June 23.

As said in earlier reviews, most of the outdated information are ones that Syamsul himself set together with his 2018 horror flick Munafik 2.

To recap, Munafik 2 was topped the No.1 Malaysian film having collected RM37.7mil at the native field workplace. Its field workplace gross for Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia was a complete of RM48mil.

His newest film surpassed the Malaysian field workplace report having collected RM43.9mil in ticket gross sales in 12 days, and earned the above-mentioned RM53mil in field workplace gross for Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore in 13 days.

Mat Kilau – a interval film starring Datuk Adi Putra, Beto Kusyairy, Fattah Amin, Yayan Ruhan and Johan As’ari – tells one portion of the life of Malay warrior Mat Kilau, who fought in opposition to the British in the late nineteenth century.

The film depicts the second when Mat Kilau and his father, Tok Gajah, attacked the British army base with 80 different fighters.

Despite its current success, Mat Kilau confronted quite a bit of challenges throughout its manufacturing interval. Before Syamsul stepped in as the director, one other manufacturing firm and director had been approached to helm the historic motion drama.

Once the manufacturing did begin in 2018, after Syamsul rewrote a giant chunk of the authentic screenplay, it was shut down quickly after finishing 70% of filming attributable to (*13*).

When StarLifestyle requested Syamsul what was the greatest problem in making Mat Kilau, Syamsul mentioned it was the price range.

Produced by Studio Kembara, the film was reportedly made with RM8mil, whereas one earlier report said it was made with RM5mil.

“When Puteri Gunung Ledang (2004) was made almost 20 years ago, it had a budget of RM16mil. How was I going to make Mat Kilau today with just RM8mil?,” Syamsul mentioned in an interview final week.

“Technically it didn’t make sense to me. But I had to start this project.

“So, with my team and some creativity we pulled off making a period film with what we had.

“I learned a lot from watching what Jackie Chan did for his movies – he didn’t have a Hollywood budget, he used what he could.

“That’s why I admit, there’s no big sets in Mat Kilau or impressive shots of the palace. Instead, I appeal to the audience through the story, character development and the spirit of a Malay warrior.”

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