MCA’s Crisis Relief Squad and GoCare team up to raise RM100,000 for food baskets


PETALING JAYA: The Crisis Relief Squad of MCA (CRSM) and GoCare charity crowdfunding platform have launched the #BeMYHero Community Caring Project to raise funds for 2,000 dry food baskets to be given to underprivileged families.

CRSM chair Datuk Natalie Lim Chong Ly (pic) said they hoped to raise a total of RM100,000 for this campaign, adding that each food basket, known as a GoCare Caring Box, is valued at RM50.

“Throughout our journey, GoCare has upheld the principle that love and care must be spread to every corner. GoCare builds bridges and helps people in need.

“In particular, we help people enduring hardships to alleviate poverty and physical illness. These are the three most practical forms of support which will be given to families, in addition to providing medical treatment and equipment.

“In this difficult period, our friends in need should not feel embarrassed but be undaunted in seeking aid. GoCare will do its best to extend a helping hand to those in need,” she said in a statement on Friday (July 2).

She added that as the pandemic has disrupted the nation’s economy, many people have suffered unemployment or wage cuts.

Despite this, she said the nation still has many enthusiastic groups and people who have shown a spirit of mutual assistance towards those in need.

In promoting public welfare, Lim hoped that people would also emphasise education and awareness of cherishing life.

“We hope that more friends and family members will demonstrate love and care to their peers and relatives who feel aimless and have lost all hope.

“Many people who desire to end their lives are hurting deeply from depression and refrain from asking for help.

“For individuals in this state, do try to get help and guidance from family and friends. They may be able to give you the moral support and strength to come out of the shadows of depression and face the world again,” she said.

Lim said she has worked with Radio 988 and GoCare to supply 50 rice bags and food supplies to a people’s public housing (PPR) at Bukit Jalil, adding that vegetarian lunch boxes were also prepared by an SCK Kitchen mobile food truck.

She added that food baskets have also been delivered to impoverished families in Wangsa Maju Village.

“Since MCO 1.0, CRSM in each state has raised funds to buy supplies such as foodstuff, fruits and vegetables, and disease prevention supplies.

“In distributing aid to underprivileged groups, we have carried out more than 4,500 community care actions, and distributed more than 25,000 supply packages to beneficiaries from various ethnic groups.

“CRSM has also joined hands with enthusiastic private enterprises to hand out love meals to more than 100,000 destitute families,” she said.

Lim appealed to the public, businesses and manufacturers to join GoCare’s Community Caring Project.

“If you have spare cash, you can donate and commit… to create a caring society,” she said.

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