MCO 3.0: 10 km radius limit for travel in effect again, and only two per household permitted in a vehicle


As the country gets ready to go into a full lockdown for two weeks from June 1 to 14, the national security council (MKN) has detailed restrictions that will be implemented in the first phase of the tightened version of the third movement control order (MCO 3.0).

This includes a reinstating of the movement limit that was implemented in the first MCO last year. From June 1, travel for necessities will be restricted to a 10 km radius from the point of residence, and only two people per household will be allowed to go out to buy essentials.

An allowance will be given for a maximum of three people to travel in a vehicle for the purpose of seeking medical care or emergency medical services, including the person needing that medical attention.

For taxis and ride-hailing services, the number of people in a car will be limited to two, including the driver, and the passenger must sit in the rear. As for other forms of public transport (buses, LRT/MRT and monorail, ferries), these will continue to operate but at 50% capacity.

As stated when the announcement of the lockdown was made, all economic activities will not be allowed to operate during the period with the exception of 17 sectors providing essential services.

Aside from this, retail businesses that will be permitted to remain operational during the lockdown to provide essentials to the public are supermarkets, sundry shops and convenience stores as well as pharmacies and food-related premises such as restaurants, food courts, kiosks, stalls and roadside hawkers. For the latter, only takeaways will be permitted, as is currently the case.

While shopping malls will be closed for the duration, supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies and all food service outlets operating within these premises will be allowed to remain open.

Other businesses allowed to operate during the two-week period are pet shops and outlets selling pet food, laundries (including self-service), optical shops, hardware stores and car workshops, including spare parts businesses. The operating hours for all these businesses will be from 8am-8pm. Meanwhile, petrol stations will be permitted to operate from 6am to 8pm, but those on expressways will be allowed to run on a 24-hour basis.


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