MCO 3.0: Only jogging, non-contact sports, no cycling


With the implementation full lockdown under the third movement control order 3.0 (MCO) from June 1 to 14, restrictions have been placed not only on work travel but also recreational activities. For now, only jogging and non-contact sports that are done alone is permitted in open areas, while cycling is not allowed.

This is provided the minimum of two to three metres separation distance is adhered to. Such recreational activity is allowed only in the neighbourhood where participants reside, and should be done within the standard operating procedure (SOP) which states there should be no outdoor activities after 8pm.

Senior minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said this in an announcement on the MCO, reported by The Malay Mail. Touching on religious observance, Ismail Sabri said solat activities in mosques and suraus are limited to only 12 committee members and no other activities are allowed, with the same restrictions applying to non-Muslim places of worship.


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