Miri Hospital running out of blood


MIRI:  There is an urgent need to replenish the blood stocks at the Miri Hospital.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reduced the number of blood donors.

Miri Hospital Blood Bank together with the Malaysian Red Crescent Miri District (MRC) have set up a static Blood Donation Centre at MRC Miri District, Jalan Bulan Sabit.

The new schedule for blood donation drives every week is as follows:  Wednesday — from 8.30am to 1pm; Saturday and Sunday — from 8.30am to 1.30pm.

From March 25 to April 18, of the 354 people who came and registered, 292 successfully donated their blood.

Transport Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin was on hand to personally thank and appreciate Roslan Sebli for his commitment as a long-term blood donor.

Roslan yesterday donated his 114th pint of blood.

Dr Jack Wong, the director of Miri Hospital, who was also present, thanked all the blood donors.

“We urge more donors to come forward at this critical time to replenish the blood stocks for Miri Hospital,” said Lee.

“Please invite your family and friends and others you know to donate blood.”

Lee explained that the blood donor chairs were sanitised after each donation.

“Existing blood donors are requested to bring their blood donor booklets and present them to the police at roadblocks when they come to our blood donation venue,” he said.

“If you are a first-time donor, please contact the phone numbers below and we will send you a letter by WhatsApp mentioning your name, IC number, car plate and the date you have volunteered to donate. Present this WhatsApp letter at any roadblock,” said Lee, who is also deputy chairman of the Malaysian Red Crescent, Miri District and chairman of the Miri Red Crescent Dialysis Centre.

“You can contact MRC at 0168674138 or you may message Karambir Singh at 0168785500,” he added.

Donors are encouraged to come by themselves and not   travel in a group as part of the precautionary measures for Covid-19 as announced by the Ministry of Health.

Lee also thanked all the Miri Hospital staff and volunteers who had organised and contributed to the collection of blood in Miri.