Mobileye, ZF team on advanced safety systems for Toyota


(Reuters) – Intel Corp’s Mobileye and German supplier ZF said Tuesday they will jointly develop advanced safety systems for future Toyota Motor Corp vehicles.

Mobileye will provide its camera-based system-on-a-chip, which ZF will integrate with its latest automotive radar system, the companies said.

The technologies will enhance a range of automated safety functions, including automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping, on highways as well as some secondary roads.

The new systems will be rolled out in a variety of Toyota cars, trucks and utility vehicles over the next few years, according to Mobileye and ZF executives.

So-called advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with vision and radar sensors are an intermediate step toward fully automated self-driving systems.

The new systems that are being developed for Toyota can be further upgraded with additional sensors and technologies such as laser-based lidar and dynamic mapping, according to Mobileye Executive Vice President Erez Dagan.

Mobileye supplies camera-based vision systems, including its latest EyeQ4, to most of the world’s leading automakers. ZF supplies cameras and radar, including its new Gen 21 mid-range radar.

Toyota meanwhile is deep into development of fully automated systems with a variety of partners, including Pony, Apex, Aurora and Luminar.

(Reporting by Paul Lienert in Detroit)

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