More food aid by air for rural folk


KUCHING: The Royal Malaysian Air Force (TUDM) recently made four more successful food supply deliveries to three rural areas in the state.

The rural areas which received the basic food supplies which were transported by a TUDM EC 725 AP helicopter were Long Lellang, a small village in Kelabit, Patik and Ba Lai.

The flights involved two sets of crew members of the No 5 Squadron, Labuan Air Base (PU), flown by TUDM Lt Kol Vachiral Ratanaphan Ban Teang and TUDM Mej Frezal bin Raynol @ Zainal.

Before the flights, the food supplies were transferred to the EC 725 AP helicopter at Miri Airport at 7am, with the help of the TUDM personnel under the auspices of the Markas Pemerintahan Medan Timur.

On Sunday, the first four flights to deliver basic food supplies to Bario, Sarawak were also made by the No 5 Squadron, Labuan PU.

“The air force will continue to be committed to carrying out the tasks entrusted for the welfare of the people, especially during the Covid-19 crisis,” said TUDM in its statement.