Home English News More test kits set aside for Samarahan

More test kits set aside for Samarahan

More test kits set aside for Samarahan

KUCHING: In view of rising cases of Covid-19 in Samarahan, the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) plans to allocate more test kits for the division.

SDMC deputy chairman Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said the matter was discussed in a meeting yesterday.

“At this time, there are four clusters in Samarahan. This morning, we also discussed allocating more test kits for Samarahan.

“We have called participants of the mentioned clusters to come forward for testing and many have turned up. This is one of the ways that we are preventing the virus from spreading,” he told a daily press conference on Covid-19 here yesterday.

Abdul Karim said at present, the state government was also using agents from the Health Ministry to conduct testing besides its own.

“The state government is also helping, that is why SDMC is formed. The state government is channelling the funds, we also received RM10mil from the private sector. This will be channelled to help purchase equipment for the hospitals.

“However, there is bound to be constraints as even if we have the funds, the whole world is being plagued by this virus, all of them are also buying face masks and ventilators,” he said.

He also assured that the federal and state governments were working together to combat the spread of the virus, rather than working separately.

“This is not only a problem of the state government or the federal government, even though health matters are under federal; but we try to work together to put an end to this problem,” he said.


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