NGO condemns pet abuse, wants tougher laws against perpetrators

NGO condemns pet abuse, wants tougher laws against perpetrators

MIRI: Cases of animal abuse here seem to be on the rise over the past several months, with some of them leading to the deaths of these animals.

Zero Strays Miri (ZSM) vice-president Stella Chin said about two weeks ago, the organisation received a public report here about an emaciated dog being thrown into a river.

“We’re disgusted by the way it (the dog) was treated by its owner. This really reflects the mentality of a minor group of people in our society who are incapable to take care of their pets, to the extent of them resorting to abusing the animals,” said Chin in a statement released with a post on ZSM’s Facebook page, which condemned animal cruelty and called for irresponsible pet owners to be brought to justice.

“Our laws in Sarawak pertaining to animal cruelty seem to have many loopholes; at times, the authorities seem to not be bothered by these abuse cases.

“This needs to change as the world that we live in it is not only for human beings, but also for all other creatures – they deserve this much respect,” stressed Chin.

Chin also appealed for public support to channel in any form of donation to ZSM, such as food for cats and dogs, cleaning products like detergents, disinfectants, brooms and brushes, and also money to cover the costs of spaying and neutering these animals.

“We also welcome the responsible individuals to come and adopt these animals – giving them as much love and care that they deserve,” said Chin.

Those wishing to donate to ZSM can make transfers to Public Bank account 3179940127, made payable to ‘Persatuan Penyayang Binatang Terbiar Miri’

For enquiries, call ZSM via 019-884 8000.

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