Nine new communication towers help improve internet access in Sabah


Nine new communication towers built in Sabah under the national digital infrastructure plan, Jalinan Digital Negara (Jendela), have allowed 6,520 people in several villages in Kudat and Pitas to enjoy faster and quality broadband services since June 15.

According to the statement from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), eight of the towers were in Kudat, namely in Kampung Kubatang, Kampung Lodung, Kampung Indarason Laut, Kampung Rondomon, Kampung Membatu, Kampung Inukiran, Kampung Panikuan and Kampung Toporoi, while the other one is in Kampung Kabatasan in Pitas.

“The construction of the towers was implemented under the MCMC’s Universal Service Provision project to benefit the locals and transform their lives in facing the rapid development in the digital era,” it said.

The statement also said that 13 other new communication towers were under construction in Kudat and were expected to be completed in stages by end of this year.

“With the additional communication towers in Kudat, it will surely make it easier for the locals to carry out their daily activities such as attending online classes, working from home and communicating with others.

“Besides, a better internet connectivity will also improve the socio-economy of the people through various economic activities that can be done smoothly online,” it said. – BERNAMA

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