No to ‘balik kampung’


KUCHING: The Malaysia Medical Association (MMA) Sarawak branch urged the public to stay where they are and refrain from returning back to their hometown or villages in light of the upcoming festive season.

It said that any spike in cases, especially in large clusters, would overwhelm the health care system in the state.

“The risk of inadvertent transmission to their family members and others in society from those returning is always there.

“The Covid-19 hospitals which are only located in Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri may not be able to cope if there was a new wave of Covid-19 cases.

“As it is difficult to regulate and control the numbers returning and the situation in Sarawak is just settling down, MMA Sarawak urges Sarawakians, if possible, to hold on returning to Sarawak for the festive season,” it said in a statement yesterday.

MMA added, by doing this, it would protect other family members and prevent those with risks from getting infected by Covid-19.