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Here’s my colleague Tom McCarthy with more on that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez confusion from last night’s DNC, and her angry reaction to the coverage of it.

Speaking on the second night of the DNC, Ocasio-Cortez was assigned to second the nomination of Senator Bernie Sanders as president. Sanders ended his presidential bid and endorsed Joe Biden last spring, but he was in line for a formal nomination as part of the process of transferring his delegates to Biden.

Soon after, NBC News sent a tweet that seemed to impute some intrigue to the fact that Ocasio-Cortez had not endorsed Biden for president. Such endorsements are not typically conferred in the convention setting and there was no reason or expectation for Ocasio-Cortez to do so.

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Moira Herbst writes for us today about the economic impact of the coronavirus, saying that is the cheap, cynical government that is the real threat to recovery, not Covid-19 benefits.

Observing that nearly 40% of US adults couldn’t cover a $400 emergency, let alone the seemingly endless emergency of a pandemic, Herbst writes:

When America was reeling from the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt rolled out the New Deal, a massive public works and financial reform program. Its Works Progress Administration employed millions of out-of-work Americans to build infrastructure and housing, and to produce some of the best literature and public art of the 20th century.

There may be tens of millions unemployed in this country, but there is plenty of work to do. We need more public school teachers, tents for outdoor learning, N95 masks, Covid testing swabs, energy-efficient infrastructure and yes, public art. How about a Pandemic Jobs Program that pulls in big elements of the Green New Deal?

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