Petronas Sepang Racing Team Ohvale MiniGP bike -limited edition of only 46 units, priced at RM48,401


To be produced in a limited edition of only 46 units is the Petronas Sepang Racing Team (PSRT) Ohvale GP-O Special Edition MiniGP bike. Priced at 9,600 euro (RM48,401), the Ohvale GP-0 MiniGP is clad in PSRT racing livery and orders can be made on the dedicated website.

Displacing 160 cc, the PSRT version of the Ohvale GP-0 comes with an upgraded chassis to accommodate taller riders with the whole clad in Petronas race colours and the fairing featuring carbon-fibre winglets, mudguard and front panel. Parts and fittings on the PSRT GP-0 are CNC machined and coated black, mimicking the look of the PSRT MotoGP race machines.

The single-cylinder engine is fed by Dell’orto carburettor while an Arrow exhaust takes care of engine waste products. Each PSRT GP-0 comes with a spare parts kits and tools including a range of gearbox sprockets and pinions, contained in a custom PSRT case.

Suspension is with Mupo front shocks and Ohlins monoshocks, both fully-adjustable with braking using J Juan callipers and discs, front and rear while special Diablo Superbike 10-inch tyres are made by Pirelli. Inside the dashboard, an Alfano digital dashboard features Bluetooth connectivity and GPS for recording lap times.

Coming with the edition number engraved on the upper triple clamp, each GP-0 PSRT MiniGP bike is provided with a pair of PSRT tyre warmers specific to this edition, as well as front and rear bike stands. Pre-orders to the PSRT Ohvale GP-O Special Edition MiniGP bike are being taken now for expected delivery in September 2021.

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