Pushing the musical envelope


IN 2014, bassist Eze Mavani had simply returned to Malaysia and had a want to begin a band with musicians based mostly in the nation. At the time, Lowyat Forums had an lively music neighborhood, and it was on the discussion board that Eze made a publish saying he was searching for a vocalist for his band at the moment.

Three years after that, in 2017, vocalist Imran Muhammad got here throughout the publish and despatched Eze an e mail, which additionally contained a demo of Imran singing a track from the band Exodus.

“I was really hesitant to respond because I was out on a date that same night. It was a really boring date, because she pushed me to go to H&M. I hate H&M. I was sitting near the changing room and saw the email containing the demo,” Eze informed theSun.

He defined that it was the first time he had skilled anybody displaying an curiosity in beginning a band whereas offering a demo.

“That was initiative, and for me, that was enough to consider taking the idea seriously”.

When the duo met, Eze made it clear to Imran that he didn’t have loads of time, and in the event that they went via with beginning the band, Eze had no intention of it being a “weekend warrior thing”.

Imran was in settlement.

“When we met up, we also talked about our direction, and what our short and long-term goals would be. Then we met up with a couple of guys that Eze had played with before, and we officially had our first line-up in the January of 2018,” Imran defined.

Early genesis

Initially referred to as Mothlung, the band selected altering “lung” to “flesh” as the latter carried much more weight attributable to the visible imagery, which supplemented the “moth”, which represented the night time and regeneration.

“Nocturnal regeneration as a concept. That was what we wanted to do; to regenerate the metal in Malaysia,” defined Eze.

In Mothflesh’s early days, the band performed an amalgamation of melodic loss of life metallic and groove metallic.

This was attributable to how the band’s first two guitarists wrote a lot of the first album, Nocturnal Armour in the fashion of Gothenburg-style Swedish loss of life metallic, whereas Eze introduced groove as a counterweight to the latter two attributable to his background as a bassist.

To spherical out the instrumentation of the band was Imran as the singer, whose vocals has developed from the very first single to the band’s newest album.

“I was heavily influenced by hard rock and blues music. When I started listening to more extreme forms of music, I was at first inclined to a lot of thrash bands like Slayer, Exodus and Overkill. When we started playing together, their influences inspired me to listen to a lot more bands like Meshuggah and Gojira, which I previously only listen to casually,” Imran defined.

“Our individual influences melded together, and we found a particular sound that we can’t really put a label on.”

Learning and adapting

One of the greatest issues with the underground music scene in Malaysia is how new bands seemingly crop up quick and dissolve earlier than they even transfer previous the “playing for a small crowd on weekends” stage.

These breakups normally return to 1 most important cause; band members are by no means in alignment with one another.

Mothflesh needed to study this the laborious approach a number of occasions over the final 4 years, and the fats needed to be trimmed from the flesh, in order that the band might actually develop into an “aggressive musical unit”.

“Friendship saved the band from utter destruction and disbanding,” lead guitarist Ranveer Singh mentioned.

Ranveer joined the band in February 2020, touring with Mothflesh for the final two reveals in Thailand earlier than the pandemic hit. His entrance got here after the band’s earlier guitarist bailed two days earlier than the band performed in Indonesia in 2019.

The band confronted additional pressure when Covid-19 hit, inflicting cancellations for a lot of of their booked reveals. After a yr of no exercise, the band pushed via only one single, “Skyfather”.

“With that momentum, we felt that regardless of what happens in 2021, we need to release one album. Though it wasn’t shared with other members of the band, the three of us shared that goal,” Imran mentioned, earlier than explaining how a number of different wrenches have been thrown into the band members’ lives.

In 2021, the band misplaced one other two members, drummer Tunku Shafiq, over inventive variations, and guitarist Giri Ganesan, over his rising tasks in different issues.

Now a trio, the remaining members of Mothflesh are working like how a unit is meant to perform; in tandem with, and in assist of, one another.

“Friendship is very important. I realised that after playing in many bands, Mothflesh is the only band where the camaraderie and friendship is at such a personal level, where even without the band, we can still be friends,” Eze mentioned.

“Giri is not part of the band anymore, but he is still very much a friend. We know he’ll be there for us. I think that’s very important.”

Earning their stripes

From the band’s conception, Eze made it clear that the band was going to be goal-oriented, and that they needed to carry a unique fashion of music into the Malaysian metallic scene.

“A lot of things were possible because of this, like how we were the first Malaysian metal band to play in Cambodia. After touring Southeast Asia for our first album, when we were barely two years old, we realised that we could do more,” Imran mentioned.

After conquering Southeast Asia, the band noticed a chance to reinvent their sound, fashion and musical weight additional after Ranveer joined the band.

“When we were composing with the original line-up, one of the problems I had was getting the other members to be a little more current with their musical taste,” Eze defined.

Imran added that Ranveer being in Mothflesh was a breath of recent air, as the guitarist injected additional technical songwriting and musical tech-savvy that the band’s earlier guitarists couldn’t essentially carry.

With Eze on bass, Imran on vocals and Ranveer on guitars, the band dropped the hefty Machine Eater album on Dec 12, which has been described to lean closely into technical groove metallic and djent, a subgenre beneath progressive metallic.

Despite the troubles that led as much as the profitable launch of the second album, issues have began to search for for Mothflesh, with the band additionally signing a take care of native labels Goatlordth and GLordRecords for merchandising and CD launch of the album.

“They mentioned that the market they’re looking at for our music was abroad, in countries such as Japan, Taiwan and Poland,” Imran identified, with Eze saying the organisation resonated with the band attributable to how they noticed eye-to-eye on the cultural views of heavy metallic in Malaysia, in advertising and marketing, sound and picture.

Machine Eater is out right now, which the band will follow-up by headlining their official album launch present on Jan 22.

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