It’s been 6 months since our nation struck by the pandemic. The situation in our country is now stable and under control, after following a long MCO (Movement Control Order) imposed by the government in March.

Now, we’re in the RMCO, Recovery Movement Control Order phase. RMCO’s implementation comes with the understanding of several requirements that we must obey in order to go back to our everyday lives of how we use to have. Citizens in Malaysia need to adapt and abide by the new standards to keep everyone safe.

We are supposed to put a face mask on while we’re outside. We need to check-in once we arrive at a new location by record down our information or using the MySejahtera App. Body temperature also needs to be scan before anyone can enter the place to make sure that people with fever are not allowed to be in. We will not be putting the lives of other people at risk with these procedures.

We followed these steps regularly and it has now become part of our routine. I am glad that Malaysians understand and realize the importance of safeguarding ourselves and our loved ones. Could not say enough thank you words to our country, our people, our front liners, our country’s essential workers that sacrifice much for us. Do not worry, we are doing our part well and I’m proud to say I’m a Malaysian!

Happy Birthday, Malaysia
31st August 2020.

Photo by Ihsan Aditya from Pexels




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