Rushing to look nice and tidy before lockdown


GEORGE TOWN: Fearing they may sport the Chewbacca 2.0 look again, many people are rushing to have their hair cut before the start of the full lockdown.

Making a sweep of several barber shops here, customers told The Star that they had to wait longer for a decent hair cut ahead of Tuesday’s enforcement.

Factory operator Andy Goh said he had to wait for half an hour to get his locks trimmed at his regular barber shop in Sungai Ara.

“I do not want to wait as I am sure the lockdown will last more than two weeks.

“Barbers are not considered under the essential services, so I know they will be shut until further notice.

“If I don’t go for a cut now, my hair will surely look unkempt during the lockdown, ’’ said the 50-year-old.

“I do have a shaver at home but I am not too satisfied with my wife’s skills.

“Given a choice I would prefer the service of a barber, so the half an hour wait today is worth it.”

Another customer, who wished to be known only as Rashid, 45, said he arrived at the barber shop at 8.45am.

“I came early as I wanted to beat the crowd.

“But there were already five people ahead of me, so I waited.

“On a normal day, I would not have to wait but I knew everyone is rushing to get a haircut.

“I usually cut my hair every six weeks, ” he said.

A check at another barber shop in Ayer Itam at 11am saw a smaller crowd.

Barber S. Vaiyaburi said the crowd had subsided.

“There was a queue when I opened at 9am.

“But now, there are only a handful of people, ” he said.

On Friday, the government announced a nationwide full lockdown from June 1 to 14.

All sectors will not be allowed to operate during this period except for essential economic and service sectors.

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