Sabah announces SOP for Aidiladha


KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah government on Wednesday (June 23) has announced standard operating procedures (SOP) for the upcoming Aidiladha celebration.

The protocol during the movement control order was based on the outcome of the Covid-19 special committee meeting on Islamic affairs, said state Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun.

“Among others, Solat Sunat Aidiladha at mosques and surau are permitted with one-third of the main hall’s capacity, or 50 congregation members, whichever is lower, with the condition that attendees must have been fully vaccinated with two doses, as well as any conditions required by state religious authorities.

“This decision will also be based on the Covid-19 pandemic situation,” he said in his daily updates.

On animal sacrifice activities, he said it would be allowed except at areas where an enhanced MCO is enforced.

“However this will still be based on state authorities’ approval, with the advice from the Health Ministry and the National Security Council,” he added.

The locations allowed are at abattoirs, licensed private slaughterhouses and the vicinity of mosques and surau (with the approval of local authorities, and the district’s veterinary services and health office).

“Meanwhile, open spaces such as at community halls or similar, are allowed with the permission of the said parties,” Masidi added.

However, applications must be made to use other locations aside from mosques and surau for slaughtering, which must be obtained earlier from the Veterinary Services Department.

“The number of cattle or buffalo for slaughter in mosques and surau must not exceed five a day, except for goats, with 10 allowed.

“Exemptions on the number of animals will be allowed at permitted slaughterhouses.

“The number of individuals involved is no more than 20 people a day, with the condition that they are healthy and fully vaccinated,” he added.

Masidi said no cooking is allowed at slaughter areas and the workers must only eat pre-packaged food.

“Distribution of meat is also not allowed in mosques and surau.

“Distribution will be made by relevant parties through deliveries to houses,” he said.

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