Show proof of vaccine donation, KJ tells ‘Yong’


PETALING JAYA: The man claiming to have offered two million doses of Sinovac to Penang was tracked down and told to show proof of his donation, says Khairy Jamaluddin.

The Science, Technology, and Innovation Minister in a series of tweets on Thursday (May 20) said one of his officers managed to speak to the person surrounding the controversy.

“My officer got in touch with a person claiming to be Yong Chee Kong.

“She asked him if he had proof of the donation so we can facilitate it (e.g. order with Sinovac).

“He said no.

“He said he has money in an account in Hong Kong, ” Khairy said in his tweet.

“Serious allegations against my office here.”

“Besides proof of vaccine donation, Yong was told that he could officially donate the vaccines to the government before they are channelled to Penang.

“Not for him to pay any company.

“Which he refused, ” Khairy added.

The minister reiterated his stand on Wednesday (May 19) that he would be happy to facilitate the donation if the man proved he could procure the vaccines or make an official contribution to the government.

The man claiming to be Yong Chee Kong was said to be living in Sabah and was contacted by the media on Thursday (May 20).

He insisted that his offer for the vaccines was genuine and the matter had been politicised.

On Wednesday (May 19), Khairy said that the offer by a “private company” to sponsor two million doses of the Sinovac vaccine to the Penang government was bogus.

Khairy clarified that states were allowed to buy their own vaccines, as long as the vaccines are first approved by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA).

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