Song relay for Covid-19 frontliners


KUCHING: Kuching South City Council (MBKS) wants to gather several Sarawakian singers to motivate medical frontliners in particular and Kuchingnites in general by singing to them.

Mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng said, “It was during a brainstorming session that a different form of singing ensemble would be used and we finally decided on ‘one song-one person-one version’ song relay. In this way, singers confined to their homes can use their talents to cheer up the state.

“The purpose is to get the public to sing ‘A Better Tomorrow’ from home to show appreciation for the frontline warriors,” he said in a press statement issued yesterday.

Additionally, Sarawakian singers, Jet Yi Jie Qi and Dave Bei Jie, will cooperate with other Malaysian singers to sing ‘A Better Tomorrow’. Each of them will sing a different version of the song.

In the project, individual Sarawakian singers are to produce a different version of the same song and share it with the public.

“No matter who you are, we are looking forward to hearing your version,” the statement added.

Besides these versions which are to be posted online, the public will also be able to listen to the Chinese-Malay radio station version arranged by Wu Guan Yan and sung by Jet Yi Jie Qi.

Other than Jet Yi Jie Qi and Dave Bei Jie in the song relay, there will be a group of young singers such as Zhang Yin Shan, Zuo Tou Jing, Han Lung, Chen Yi Yi, Lin Yao Liang, Pianist Fan Min Yi and Ye Yi Cheng. More will soon join the song relay.

For those who want to take part in the project, refer to the lyrics below in both Chinese and Malay.