State library to take part in World #QuranHour


MIRI: Pustaka Negeri Sarawak will take part in the upcoming World #QuranHour programme, scheduled this coming May 13 (Wednesday).

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the approach this year will be slightly different.

To participate, members of the community are encouraged to upload their pictures of themselves and their families reading the Al-Quran along with the hashtags #WorldQuranHour and #WorldQuranHourSwk on social media.

“We hope that members of the community will take part in this event, highlighting the one-hour mass recitation of Quran verses,” the statement said.

This programme aims to promote affection and fondness towards Quranic recitations amongst Muslims and to promote public awareness on the semantics of the Al-Quran’s its principle teachings.

World #QuranHour 2020 will be held simultaneously worldwide on May 13, beginning at 11am and for those who are interested in participating may register for the event at For further information, visit