Stricter enforcement during third phase


KAPIT: Phase three (April 15 – 28) of the movement control order (MCO) will see stricter enforcement by the authorities here with the police setting up road blocks at all roads entering Kapit Bazaar to check on vehicles coming into town.

The road blocks at Jalan Kapit-Song, Jalan Bukit Goram, Jalan Airport and Jalan Seirik have effectively reduced the number of people coming to town.

The road blocks are manned by police with the help of Rela personnel. The police have warned that stern actions will be taken against those who flout the MCO.

Motorists are reminded not to carry any passengers except in emergencies while motorcyclists are prohibited from having pillion riders.

Pelagus assemblyman Wilson Nyabong Ijang and his Bukit Goram counterpart Jefferson Jamit Unyat have commended the Divisional Disaster Management Committee for taking concrete approaches to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus to Kapit.

“Thank you to all the enforcement agencies involved in the MCO for working closely with the Kapit Division Disaster Management – Covid-19 Virus Committee. Kapit is a Covid-19 green zone because of our concerted efforts in ensuring that people from outside Kapit do not come here for the time being. We have to be very strict because if there is any outbreak in the longhouse, the whole community will suffer,” said Nyabong.

Jamit assured that all villagers would receive food aid from the government during the MCO period.