Suria FM DJ Sharifah Shahira shocked to learn her 18-year-old son was involved in recent express bus accident


On Monday (Nov 28), The Star reported that passengers of an express bus have been injured when the bus rammed into the rear of a trailer on the North-South Expressway.

The incident occurred at Jasin, Melaka, at about 3.30am Monday whereas the bus was on the way in which to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore.

It was carrying 27 passengers, 16 of whom sustained minor accidents. There was no lack of lives.

One of the passengers on the bus is the son of Suria FM radio DJ Sharifah Shahira.

Airell Zulkifli, 18, had travelled to Singapore to attend an animation competition there and was on his approach again when the unlucky incident occurred.

Sharifah advised a information portal that she solely came upon about what occurred to her son after he got here residence late and she or he observed an damage on his brow.

Apparently, {the teenager} tried to cover the truth that he was involved in the accident from his mom and solely advised the reality when she pressured it out of him.

He advised her that he and his buddies have been introduced to a hospital in an ambulance from the accident web site.

Sharifah advised mStar, The Star‘s Malay-language portal: “We took him to get an X-ray, and thankfully there’s no internal injuries.

On Instagram Story, Sharifah uploaded a video showing where Airell’s teeth were chipped, and the bruising on his forehead, nose and leg.

Earlier, Sharifah had shared about her son’s accident on Instagram with a photo of the bus where the front of the vehicle is completely smashed.

She wrote in the caption that she’s grateful that he’s safe at home after coming back so much later than the time he was supposed to.

In the caption Sharifah wrote: “He didn’t want to tell me that he was in an accident. Just that the bus broke down. Luckily, he sat at the at back of the bus.”

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