TGV says restarting movie was never due to VIP’s late arrival


TGV Cinemas was lately criticised for restarting a movie that had already been taking part in for 45 minutes at one in every of its retailers at Kuching, Sarawak.

It was alleged that the screening of The Batman was stopped and restarted due to late arrivals of some VIPs.

However, a TGV spokesperson stated this was never the case.

The cinema operator clarified that it had accomplished “a thorough investigation of the incident” that occurred on the 7.15pm screening on Saturday (March 5), at TGV Vivacity.

“The session delays were caused due to a technical issue at our IMAX hall, and not due to late arrivals of VIPs as has been wrongly stated in some media,” the spokesperson shared.

“At TGV, we honour and treat all our guests equally with the utmost priority.

“We would like to assure everyone that the decision to restart the movie was not influenced by any VIP’s late arrivals, and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

The spokesperson added that though the technical situation was mounted – permitting the 7.15pm displaying to begin on time – “due to miscommunication, some workers on the entrance presumed 7.15pm present would even be delayed”.

“At this time approximately 20% of the guests had already entered the hall while the remaining 80% were still waiting at the foyer and entered the hall after the movie had already commence.”

“We acknowledge the choice to cease and restart the movie inconvenienced our clients.

“As said in our preliminary assertion, this isn’t our screening coverage. We guarantee you that we’re taking corrective measures to guarantee this isn’t repeated.

As a token of apology, TGV says affected friends can be given full refunds and two complimentary movie tickets.

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