‘The Batman’ restart due to technical glitch, not ‘VIPs’


CINEMA operator TGV Cinemas defined that the latest session delays have been due to a technical challenge at its IMAX corridor, and not due to the late arrival of “VIPs”.

In the most recent Twitter assertion, TGV additionally mentioned that the late arrival of VIPs was “wrongly stated in the media”.

“The session delays were caused due to a technical issue at our IMAX hall and not due to late arrivals of VIPs as has been wrongly stated in some media. At no point has TGV issued a statement of official comment to any media outlet confirming this to be the cause of the delay,“ it said the statement today.

The cinema operator also provided a detailed explanation for the incident and said that the morning and afternoon shows in IMAX on the same day were also delayed, due to a technical issue.

TGV said its team acted swiftly to fix the technical issue and the 7.15pm session was able to start on time.

However, a miscommunication in the team led to some staff presuming that the 7.15 pm show would also be delayed.

“During this time, 20% of the guests had already entered the hall, while the remaining 80% were still waiting at the foyer,“ the statement further added.

Over the weekend, it was alleged that some “VIPs” had prompted ‘The Batman’ film to be restarted midway at TGV Vivacity in Kuching.

On Saturday, a moviegoer had posted on social media that the film scheduled at 7.15pm was restarted after 45 minutes.

During its preliminary apology yesterday, TGV supplied full refunds to impacted company and two complimentary film tickets.

Netizens, nonetheless, have been unconvinced, with some calling for TGV to clarify the explanation behind the technical points.

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