The number of charging stations available to EV drivers is growing all the time


Of all European cities, London has the largest number of electric vehicle charging stations. With 5,900 charging points available, the UK’s capital is ahead of Amsterdam and Paris.

Mapping service provider HERE Technologies recently posted online a map of Europe’s electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, showing their density in any given city. London currently has the most EV charging stations, far ahead of Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin.

Top 10 European cities with the most EV charging stations:

1. London, 5,900 stations

2. Amsterdam, 3,404

3. Paris, 2,282

4. Berlin, 1,526

5. Hamburg, 1,385

6. Munich, 1,025

7. Vienna, 953

8. Frankfurt and Copenhagen, 383

10. Rome, 375

This interactive map lets users find out how many stations there are in any given city, starting with their own.

All of these statistics come from the HERE EV Charge Points dataset. This map is not intended to pinpoint the exact location of the charging stations or to provide practical information on how they work.

It just lets people see the density of charging stations by city and compare provision from one city to another.

Discover the map of Europe with the charging stations:

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