This app scans random Lego bricks for build ideas


Have some Lego bricks lying around but need more ideas on what to build with them? There’s an app for that.

The Brickit: Rebuild Your Lego app works by scanning a pile of bricks and, once it’s done analysing, will suggest several possible build options.

Once users choose a specific build, the app will generate a step-by-step guide in the style of the classic Danish company’s instruction books.

A demo of the app showed that it was able to scan through more than a thousand bricks at one go, resulting in more than 200 possible build options.

It also shows users where in the pile the bricks they need are located.

On its app page, the creators have a disclaimer that it is a fan-made app, not an official Lego product, thus not associated with nor sponsored by the company.

Currently the app is only available for iOS users, though an Android version is planned to be launched by fall.

As of press time, the app holds a four star rating out of five, based on 196 ratings.

User RCDonut, who gave the app three stars, said since the app identifies bricks based on a photo rather than real-time photogrammetry from multiple directions, the accuracy was sometimes a little off. They added that the ideas generated were generally fun, easy builds, so the inaccuracy wasn’t too much of a problem.

Several other users also suggested that the app should catalogue the bricks, considering it has already scanned and sorted through them to make a build suggestion.

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