Terms & Conditions

The contest is organized by Jagole Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.
The contest starts from 27th April 2020 (00.01) until 31st December 2021 (23.59) GMT+8.
The weekly contest will start from Monday (00.00) until Sunday (23.59) GMT+8 every week.

The organizer also reserves the right to amend the contest mechanisms, withdraw, terminate or extend without any prior notice.

Mywinet Weekly Contest Prize
Winner: RM100 cash

Who are eligible to enter the competition?
The “Highest Thread View” contest is open to all Malaysian citizen who are aged 18 and above. It is also compulsory for all the contestants to do as follow:

1. Fill up registration form with valid profiles

2. Like and follow our Mywinet facebook fanpage www.facebook.com/mywinet

3. Share the thread(s) you published at your own facebook timeline and tag a minimum of 5 friends of yours

4. Obey all the rules and regulations at all time.

Employees of the organizer, its affiliates, related companies and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate the contest.

Qualification of Winner

In order to be qualified winner, your thread(s) must have at least minimum of 100 views per thread after end of the contest week. If you share same page views with other contestant, the organizer will final determine the winner for the contest week. Any failure to do so will be deemed as disqualify.

Re-Entry of Contest

All the winners of previous week are allowed to take part for following week contest.

However, only new thread(s) published on that week will be qualified to the weekly contest.

Submission of Thread Requirement

Each contestant is allowed to submit and publish more than 1 thread but limited to 10

threads per week. The threads can be either latest daily news (domestic or international),

articles, review of products and blogs.

The wordings should not be less than 200 words and not more than 2000 words. You are

encouraged to use any visual aids like pictures or diagrams to enhance your thread view.

Contestants also are required to categorize the news into different category ie:

automotive, technology, economy and etc.

The threads can be written or shared in either English, Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin. Other than these languages or medium are not accepted at this moment.

Copyright of News

If your thread (news, articles and etc) is written by somebody else, kindly create a reference to give credit to the origin author. The origin url must be included together with the thread that you are going to publish. Any failure to do so, we reserve the right to put in pending or delete it before your thread is publish. All the threads are subject to be reviewed before publishing.

We also do not accept any duplicate threads however we can accept in different medium. E.g. Mr. A published a news in English medium while Mr.B is allowed to publish in Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia version of news.

Announcement of Result

Organizer will announce the result of winner on following week Friday. The result will be published on mywinet.com and winners will be contacted via email. All the prizes are not exchangeable for other goods or cash. Judges’ decision is final conclusive and binding. Any appeals, enquiries, complaints or correspondents will not be entertained by organizer.

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