Total lockdown: Only “critical” construction work allowed during MCO, says Fadillah


PETALING JAYA: All construction work will not be allowed to operate during the nationwide total lockdown starting Tuesday (June 1), says Senior Minister (Works) Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof.

According to Fadillah, exceptions are however given to sectors deemed as “critical services”, such as maintenance and repair works.

“These are jobs that if it isn’t allowed to operate, it could pose a hazard or inconvenience to workers, public and the environment,” he said in a statement on Sunday (May 30).

Only construction work that is deemed as critical, including the maintenance and repair works of slopes, roads, bridges, and traffic lights, as well as traffic management control (TMC), will be allowed to operate.

The periodic inspection and maintenance of lifts/travelators/escalators and other critical mechanical and electrical equipment will be allowed to operate.

Those performing pest control at construction sites, such as the spraying of pesticides at construction sites to prevent the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes and other pests, will be allowed to operate.

Railway track maintenance and repairs at the MRT, LRT, single/double track and rail projects will be allowed to operate.

Contractors performing repairs at residential homes will also be allowed to operate.

Meanwhile, Fadillah explained that construction work involving public infrastructures that are deemed critical are such as tunnels, slopes, bridges and viaducts, highways (those at least 80% completed), MRT, LRT, ECRL, the construction of hospitals (those at least 80% completed) and the construction of workers’ residents at construction sites, will also be allowed to continue.

He stressed that the critical sectors that are allowed to operate must get new approval letters through the CIMS CIDB system at the website.

“All approval letters used before this will not be applicable during this period.”

Fadillah also stressed that the approval letter generated from the CIMS CIDB system must be displayed at the premises or construction site at all times.

“It can also be used as an approval for travel by everyone involved in the said project.”

Fadillah also said operating hours will be as usual, but workers capacity will be limited to 60%.

He also said every employee regardless of their nationality at construction sites must be screened for Covid-19 before commencing any work.

He reminded contractors to appoint safety and health officers at construction sites, who will be in charge of monitoring SOP compliance.

Fadillah also added that project supervisors will be responsible for ensuring full SOP compliance while construction work is taking place during the MCO.

“To ensure that Covid-19 doesn’t spread from construction sites to the local community, restrictions on travelling in and out of construction sites and workers’ quarters must be stepped up.”

At the same time, Fadillah said contractors must provide transportation for workers and ensure that their employees are restricted to travel between the construction sites and their workers’ quarters.

“Contractors must also ensure daily needs such as food and personal hygiene are provided to workers in order to protect employees and the local community from Covid-19,” he added.

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