Toyo Proxes CR1 and CR1 SUV launched in Malaysia – replaces NanoEnergy 3, priced from RM160 to RM580

Toyo Proxes CR1 and CR1 SUV launched in Malaysia – replaces NanoEnergy 3, priced from RM160 to RM580

Toyo Tires has officially launched the Proxes CR1 in Malaysia. The entry-level touring tyre, which replaces the NanoEnergy 3, is available here in standard and SUV variants and is designed for A- to D-segment passenger cars and SUVs.

The company is touting several key features that improve the tyre’s noise reduction, comfort and safety. Firstly, the CR1 features what Toyo calls a “silent wall” along the grooves of the tyre to reduce noise, plus a pitch arrangement that differs on the inside and outside to disperse the pitch noise in each area, reducing pattern noise. A noise protection sheet has also been incorporated in the construction to lower casing noise.

As for handling, the Japanese tyre maker is claiming superior performance in the wet, thanks to four large grooves (three grooves on tyres 185 mm and narrower) to enhance water drainage. On dry roads, the triple taper and rib design increases rib rigidity to improve performance and reduce uneven wear by suppressing circumferential fluctuation.

Further reducing irregular tyre wear are the multi-wave sipes that increase block stiffness, as well as a jointless cap ply that improves high-speed performance. Meanwhile, the sidewall is made from a new compound that reduces rolling resistance and thus, fuel consumption.

Comfort has also been improved through the use of proprietary T-Mode tyre simulation and Nano Balance material design technologies. Overall, the Proxes CR1 is claimed to reduce road noise by 11% and aquaplaning by two per cent compared to the NanoEnergy 3, improving wet-weather performance.

“The Proxes CR1 passenger car and SUV tyres are ideal for both Continental and Japanese vehicles, especially A-segment to D-segment vehicles and SUVs.” said Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia president and managing director Tan Song Chye.

“The result of this well-designed tyre using advanced Japanese technology is sure to satisfy even the most discerning drivers who appreciate a superior performance tyre that consistently performs well under high speeds in both wet and dry road conditions. It also delivers safety, high fuel efficiency and improved noise reduction for enhanced driving pleasure.”

Available at Toyo Centres and Silverstone Centres nationwide, the Proxes CR1 is offered in 36 sizes ranging from 14 to 18 inches in diameter, priced from RM160 to RM440. The CR1 SUV, on the other hand, comes in nine sizes for 17- to 19-inch wheels, retailing between RM380 and RM580. Buyers who purchase a set of four tyres will receive a free, limited-edition Proxes CR1 umbrella while stocks last.

GALLERY: Toyo Proxes CR1

GALLERY: Toyo Proxes CR1 SUV

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