Toyota GR Supra Sport Top teased before SEMA debut

Toyota GR Supra Sport Top teased before SEMA debut

During last year’s SEMA Show, Toyota wheeled out the GR Supra Heritage Edition, which was heavily inspired by the Supra TRD 3000GT of the fourth-generation A80. For this year’s event, the company is again looking to the A80, particularly the removable targa roof that was offered with the model at the time, to create something called the GR Supra Sport Top.

In a video documenting the build, we get to see what the finished show car will look like in sketch form. Marty Schwerter, director of operations for the Toyota Motorsports Tech Center, is also on hand to explain how things will work with the targa-roofed GR Supra.

While the A80 model used a single-piece targa top, the Sport Top concept will feature a two-piece construction instead, which Schwerter says will allow it to be stored in the boot, just like with its predecessor. The primary pieces will be made out of composite materials, and there are plans to install electrically powered latches to make the roof easier to remove.

With the top removed, there are concerns about structural rigidity, so additional bracing will be added underneath to keep things less wobbly. Meanwhile, the rear wing seen in the sketch is taken from an A80, but modified to match the GR Supra’s body, similar to the previous Heritage Edition.

The Sport Top should make its full debut soon, and Toyota will surely release more videos of the build process, so stay tuned.

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