Trevo Guard – insurance renewal with Buddy Driver service, complimentary temporary car replacement


Trevo GM Susan Teoh, with Trevo and Socar Group CEO Leon Foong

Car-sharing platform Trevo has unveiled its latest product, Trevo Guard, an insurance renewal service with value-added benefits to provide a one-stop solution for insurance renewal and short-term mobility services.

The Trevo Guard insurance renewal service is available from within the Trevo car-sharing mobile app itself, in which users can purchase or renew motor insurance policies from Allianz and other selected insurance providers which have been tailored for the needs of person-to-person car sharing as well as for e-hailing drivers.

There is no age limit for cars that can be covered by Trevo Guard, and cashback is applicable to policies for cars that are less than 10 years old, said Trevo CEO Leon Foong. Trevo Guard is available to all members of the public, and vehicle owners do not need to make their cars available on the Trevo car sharing platform in order to qualify, said the company.

Trevo Guard is not an insurance company, it said, adding that it is “policy-agnostic.” In addition to Allianz, the insurance providers on board with Trevo Guard also include AXA and Etika, said Trevo. As of its launch in April, insurance quotations through Trevo Guard are limited to the three aforementioned providers.

In the event that your Trevo Guard-covered vehicle is unavailable for use due to work being carried out under an insurance claim, Trevo will offer a replacement vehicle for a total of seven days in a year. A Buddy Driver Service is also offered through sister brand Socar, where the Trevo Guard customer can be driven around in their own vehicle for two trips of up to two hours each, per year.

What if car owners prefer to obtain quotes from insurance providers other than those listed? There are no formal arrangements with other insurance providers yet, though Trevo Guard users can refer their preferred insurance company to Trevo for the forming of a partnership if desired, the car-sharing company said.

“Car owners in Malaysia often lead hectic lifestyles, so we wanted to make motor insurance renewal easier, faster and better via a convenient service with added perks, to further free them from the worries that come with car ownership. This service is timely as demand for contactless renewal solutions has gone up exponentially since the rise of the pandemic,” Foong said.

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