Volvo Car Malaysia announces extension of service interval and warranty grace period beyond the FMCO


As a result of restrictions brought about by the full movement control order (FMCO), Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM) has announced measures to reassure customers who are unable to send their vehicles in for routine servicing and warranty repairs during the period.

The company said via a posting on its official Facebook page that it is providing an additional warranty grace period and extension to the service interval beyond the FMCO. It is offering a grace period of up to two months after the lockdown is lifted by the government for warranty extensions.

Additionally, VCM said it will also honour all customers whose vehicle service intervals have surpassed the requirements (mileage, warranty date, running date, service appointment) during the lockdown period.

The company said that during the FMCO, the operation of its service centres may vary depending on location, and said that customers needing urgent service or repair needs should contact the Volvo dealership nearest to them to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.


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