Why I Love Weck Juice Jars

Why I Love Weck Juice Jars

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Nothing against fancy carafes and pitchers, but Weck Juice Jars are what truly have my heart.

I bought a set of three about five or six years ago and they’ve been one of the most reached-for items in my kitchen ever since.

I initially purchased them because I was having trouble diligently drinking water throughout the day. While I wasn’t keeping track of how much I was sipping, I knew I wasn’t staying well-hydrated because I’d feel unnecessarily fatigued and end up with nasty headaches. Keeping a carafe full of water always within reach so that I’d have zero excuses, plus be able to roughly keep tabs on my consumption, seemed like an easy solution.

I ended up settling on these Weck Juice Jars mostly because they’re incredibly affordable ($22 for a set of three 40-ounce jars) and also because they’re sturdy and I liked their cute, vintage look.

Well, I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth over the years.

I make it a goal for myself every day to drink two full juice jars-worth of water, which has been surprisingly easy, and I can vouch for feeling much better and hydrated.

It’s not just the personal health goal that has made me love these juice jars, though; it’s the endless number of other great uses they have, too.

I use them to make sun tea, store cold brew, as a substitute for a wine decanter, to make a small batch of pitcher cocktails, and even as a vase for flowers. Oh, and of course you can do as the name implies and use them for juice, too.

I did end up buying plastic lids separately to be able to store them airtight without spilling in the fridge, and I’d recommend them. While you can use the canning lids the jars come with, the metal clips are fussy to unlatch if you’re opening and closing the juice jars frequently.

I also love the look of these wood lids, but they’re unfortunately not intended for storing liquids. These cork lids are new since I bought my jars, though, and I definitely have my eye on them for the future!

And I always get compliments when I keep a Weck Juice Jar filled with water or wine or whatever it may be out on the table when we have people over—an added perk!

Cheers to good tools!

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