Will Instagram pay its creators to encourage them to use Reels?


Instagram users are going to be happy to learn this. The social network may consider rewarding its creators if they use the Reels format. This piece of information was discovered in the code of the platform with reference to promises of earning “bonuses”.

If Instagram has yet to officially confirm the news, the developer Alessandro Paluzzi has revealed, with the help of screenshots posted on his Twitter account, the new feature developed by the social network. According to him, the platform is working on a new payment program for its users, planning to grant them “bonuses”.

These “bonuses” consist of three separate rewards. The first, “Get Paid for Your Reels”, concerns Instagram’s new format and involves earning “bonuses through Instagram when you share new Reels”, reads one of two screenshots shared on Twitter.

There is no clear indication of whether users will actually earn money or get “paid” through other perks. It remains to be seen what the requirements will be to qualify for this program.

Instagram could reserve this benefit for the most important accounts or those with a minimum number of followers. – AFP Relaxnews

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