Woman manages to recover RM70,000 worth of gold jewellery after accidentally throwing them away


SIK: A middle-aged woman was smiling from ear to ear after retrieving gold jewellery worth around RM70,000 after she accidentally disposed of them.

With the help of several cleaners, they managed to find a green box that was filled with her gold jewellery, including a few gold bangles.

In a video that went viral, the woman and several cleaners were seen rummaging through rubbish-filled bags to find her jewellery box.

After she found the green box, she immediately went to the nearest basin and rinsed the box before opening it up to inspect the contents, and then thanked the cleaners profusely for their assistance.

The cleaners were happy for the woman as well, and said she was lucky as the rubbish had not been sent to the dumpsite yet.

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