Your period coming at a bad time? There’s a pill to delay it


It can typically be tempting to postpone the onset of a menstrual cycle, particularly through the trip season.

Women who take contraception tablets can already delay their intervals by taking two packs in a row.

For those that don’t use the sort of contraception, there are medicines that may delay a cycle by round two weeks.

These medicine can be found in lots of European international locations.

The tablets comprise a man-made hormone, norethisterone, which has similarities to progesterone – a feminine hormone naturally created by the physique to put together the uterus for being pregnant.

It is secreted through the second a part of the menstrual cycle, after ovulation.

In case of being pregnant, it stays at a excessive stage within the physique.

If fertilisation doesn’t happen, its stage falls and menstruation begins.

These cycle-delaying tablets hold progesterone ranges artificially excessive.

This sort of treatment was created for girls who don’t take contraception tablets and who can not delay their intervals by taking two packets in a row, skipping the same old week’s break.

The therapy have to be began three days earlier than the date of the start of the cycle, at a charge of three doses per day, and for 14 days thereafter.

Menstruation then begins a few days after the final dose.

In the United Kingdom, for instance, many pharmacy chains, akin to Boots, supply a web-based session service for acquiring a prescription for period delay treatment shortly and simply.

Boots additionally lists all of the suggestions for the sort of medication.

For instance, the pharmacy explains that these tablets don’t act as a type of contraception, even when they stop menstruation.

“You’ll want to use barrier contraception, like condoms, if you do not have a lengthy performing reversible contraceptive in place, just like the coil or an implant,” the corporate says on its web site.

Some unintended effects embody mild bleeding, irregular bleeding, sore breasts, decreased libido and abdomen upset.

“The longer you are taking the tablets for, the extra possible you will expertise unintended effects,” the corporate warns.

In addition, this pill can lead to an elevated threat of growing blood clots.

If travelling by aircraft, the pharmacy advises you to “transfer round as a lot as potential”. – AFP Relaxnews

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