Zeekr, Waymo collaborate to develop autonomous ride-hailing electric vehicle for the United States


Geely has introduced a collaboration between its electric vehicle model Zeekr and Waymo for the improvement of a brand new, totally electric and autonomous ride-hailing vehicle that might be deployed in the Waymo One autonomous ride-hailing fleet in the United States.

The new ride-hailing vehicle is being developed at the China Europe Vehicle Technology Centre (CEVT) in Gothenburg, Sweden that additionally develops automobiles for different makes in the group of corporations, stated Geely.

Through this collaboration, Zeekr will design and develop the future vehicle on a brand new proprietary and open-source mobility structure, whereas Waymo will take supply of the automobiles in the United States, after which combine the totally autonomous Waymo Driver techniques into the vehicle platform.

The new platform seems to share pondering with the group’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), which additionally matches the invoice of being an open-source EV platform. This structure fashioned the foundation of the Lynk & Co Zero concept, which was productionised as the Zeekr 001.

According to Geely, the new autonomous ride-hailing vehicle might be designed from the outset to be rider-centric, and subsequently designed for autonomous use circumstances. The totally configurable cabin might be provided each with and with out driver controls, and which will be customised to the wants of the Waymo One driverless ride-hailing fleet for deployment in the United States, Geely added.

“By becoming a strategic partner and vehicle supplier to the Waymo One fleet, we will be able to share our experience, ideals and provide our expertise in collaborating on a fully electric vehicle that fits Waymo’s requirements for this rapidly expanding segment in the global market for sustainable travel,” stated Zeekr Technology CEO Andy An.

Waymo and the Geely Group have partnered for self-driving electric automobiles earlier than, by way of a global partnership with Volvo for a fleet of automobiles particularly for ride-hailing purposes.

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