You Heard it Right – Grabfood Finally Arrived in Sibu Town

You Heard it Right – Grabfood Finally Arrived in Sibu Town

Great news,

Your highly anticipated GrabFood now has finally arrived in Sibu town! As of June 2020, GrabFood is going to operate in Sibu.  Currently they are recruiting more merchant or delivery partners to join them in order to maximize their business strength. You may reach us by whatsApp here to find out more info about how to join in as a merchant partner

You can now skip the crowds and the hassle of finding a parking spot or a sitting table especially during covid19 pandemic and conditional movement control order period. Just order in from sliding your mobile phone and enjoy your favourite meals delivered to your doorstep without contact to others.

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What is GrabFood:

How to Join as Merchant:====> click here to whatsapp me for how to join the merchant<=====

You may click the link below, there are in 3 different languages,

English FAQ       


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Joining as GrabFood Delivery-partner
(Requirements: Malaysia, Age 18+, Motorcycle, handphone + data plan, Class B license, P license accepted, valid bike insurance)

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