Lockers in school solve the issue of heavy bags


PETALING JAYA: Double-session major school pupils might be supplied lockers beginning this yr as a option to solve the issue of heavy schoolbags, says the Education Ministry.Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin stated the initiative would begin with pupils in Years One, Two and Three.

He stated an allocation of RM37.3mil had been put aside to supply lockers for a complete of 323,186 decrease major pupils in 10,662 lessons.

The second section of the locker initiative is predicted to start out subsequent yr, which is able to see the provision of lockers prolonged to Years Four, Five and Six pupils in double-session faculties.

“After studying the issue of heavy schoolbags in detail, we found that the problem is critical among primary school pupils, particularly Years One to Three.

“This is a new approach as the ministry will be providing lockers to pupils for the first time.

“However, for single-session schools, pupils will keep books inside theie desk drawers at their respective classrooms,” Radzi stated in a video posted on his Facebook web page yesterday.

He stated the locker initiative was one of seven holistic options devised by the ministry to beat the issue of heavy schoolbags which has been occurring for nearly three a long time.

Other measures taken to resolve the issue of heavy schoolbags embrace the reorganisation of timetables to solely three or 4 topics per day and giving faculties the flexibility to supply a timetable in line with a weekly rotational system.

Radzi stated the rotational system would reduce the quantity of textbooks and exercise books introduced each day by pupils.

He added that the quantity of train books had additionally been restricted to 2 per topic, with every not exceeding 80 pages.

“During our visit to schools, we found that many pupils were carrying more than two exercise books for one subject,” he stated.

Another measure being carried out is limiting the kind of exercise books and workbooks utilized by pupils.

Radzi stated they have been solely allowed to make use of exercise books supplied by the ministry, whereas workbooks are for use as reference materials exterior official educating and studying (PdP) intervals.

“We are also taking the approach of embracing digital textbooks by continuing to publish new textbooks in a digital format.

“To date, a total of 692 titles of digital textbooks have been uploaded in the Digital Educational Learning Initiative Malaysia platform. Pupils who have a device can access digital textbooks through this platform,” he stated.

Radzi stated academics have been inspired to make use of a pupil-centred PdP method resembling thematic, modular and project-based studying, digital lab or various studying.

“We have also discussed with Jakim (Islamic Development Department) to allow pupils to attend religious classes in their school uniform to reduce the items in their bag,” he stated.

He hopes that the initiatives outlined would have the ability to cut back the downside of heavy schoolbags.

The ministry had in the previous carried out three main research associated to the issue in 1994, 2008 and 2017, in addition to taken varied actions to deal with the matter, Radzi added.

This included issuing a round on the use of workbooks in major faculties in 2000, and tips on coping with heavy schoolbags in 2018.

“To ensure that every approach is implemented as best as possible, we will closely monitor each one through a task force that will report to us periodically,” he stated.

The minister stated nearer cooperation with dad and mom and guardians, and engagement classes with Parent-Teacher Associations would even be enhanced to deal with the issue.

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