S’gor needs regular inspections, curbs on imported plastic waste pollution


SHAH ALAM: The Selangor state authorities needs to stress the significance of regular inspections and evaluation of the present working amenities with authorized permits to curb imported plastic waste pollution.

Sahabat Alam Malaysia honorary secretary S. Mageswari, in a press release Sunday (May 22), stated this was mandatory to make sure compliance with environmental laws and to keep away from shady offers with unlawful premises or accepting imported plastic waste from different states.

“It is vital for the enforcement agencies to check every international waste shipment and shippers involved in the waste trade in order to ‘plug the leak’ at its source,” she added.

The state authorities was additionally reminded of the hazards of plastic waste contamination claimed to be produced by a number of waste paper recycling crops presently working in Kuala Langat.

“The state government also needs to be alert of the e-waste imports which have been steadily increasing in recent years based on our recent field survey that found dumpsites at Sri Cheeding, Banting, comprising among others, shredded plastics from e-waste,” stated Mageswari.

“It is also vital that other states like Penang, Kedah and Johor follow suit and commit to banning waste imports and impose strict policies on waste processing factories.

“We need to stop importing waste from other countries and focus on prioritising waste reduction, waste separation at source, safe recycling and composting organic waste, as well as building the institutional capacity to facilitate a safe, non-toxic circular economy led by the local recycling operators,” she stated.

Last Thursday (May 19), the Selangor authorities set 5 insurance policies with regard to the operation of factories and premises processing recycled plastic waste within the state to stop pollution.

State Tourism, Environment, Green Technology and Orang Asli Affairs Committee chairman Hee Loy Sian stated the coverage was agreed upon and authorised by way of the 12/2020 State Executive Council assembly on May 11.

As a results of the settlement, the import of recycled plastic waste for the aim of restoration or last disposal for all factories that perform plastic recycling processes isn’t allowed. – Bernama

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